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ST108 Water Quality

-Delta Water Solutions is a Turn Key, Total Water Quality Solution Partner Providing RODI Services-

In medical facilities, maintaining a high purity water is crucial to minimize the risk of infection and ensure surgical tools are cleaned properly.  A properly engineered water filtration system will ensure bacteria and contaminants are properly removed, compliant to the ST108 Standard.

Total Water Filtration System and Quality Audit

DWS provides initial water quality testing and analysis to initially identify non compliant water quality concerns.  Your facilities water filtration system and water quality plan will be reviewed for initial compliance.  


System Design and Engineering

System design is critical to high purity water filtration.  DWS works with your central sterile team to engineer a proper filtration system meeting your water quality level required.  DWS provides site visits to ensure proper space, power and utility is available and that the systems will be built to meet total water quality demand at peak flow rates.


On Going System Service and Support

Just like a car or any other machinery, service is required to ensure your water quality is as pure as possible.  DWS provides monthly reporting on water quality as well as filtration system health monitoring to determine if and when any equipment requires service.

-DI Resin Bed Exchange Service

-Total RO Filtration System Service

-Distribution Loop Sanitization Service


Water Quality Training

DWS provides on going education and training to central sterile and operations teams to ensure the equipment installed in understood.  Water quality reporting is also detailed and shared with a trained POC operator to ensure and determine if any equipement requires service..

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